Photo of K Shanmugam from Justin Ong CNA

As I trembled in fear at my manhole in Sydney from Law Minister K Shanmugam’s threat to shut me down, I was inspired by him to compound this list. Don’t you wish these are fake news:

1) 30% raise in water price despite posting S$166 million in profit in 2016. Electricity prices increased 6.1% despite posting S$452.6 million profit in 2016, and that PAP MP Tin Pei Ling’s husband Ng How Yue approve the increase as Chairman of the Energy Market Authority, and that SP Services is not under Temasek Holdings managed by the Prime Minister’s wife
2) Minister Lawrence Wong saying housing prices become worthless after lease is up
3) Temasek Holdings lost S$24 billion in a year while GIC posts undisclosed losses amounting to tens of billions
4) Lee Hsien Loong claiming Singaporeans are racist and hence there is a need to reserve the Presidential Election for Malays
5) Over 1,000 turned up for a job fair for 300 vacancies offered by novice entrepreneurs, jobseekers outnumbered job vacancies by 130 to 100
6) Lee Hsien Loong control the Monetary Authority of Singapore under his Prime Minister’s Office, or the puppet President Tony Tan which he endorsed, or that he sits as the Chairman of the GIC with undisclosed fees, or that his wife is CEO of Temasek Holdings – simply pointing to the fact that CPF is just a crowdfund for Lee Hsien Loong and his wife to have free access
7) MRT break down as frequent as once every week for the year of 2016, but satisfaction went up. More breakdowns, more reliability, they say.
8) China detained Terrex vehicles in response to Lee Hsien Loong’s comment on South China Sea telling China to give up their territorial claims
9) Singapore is most expensive country in the world, so is the Ministers’ salaries
10) Straits Times is Singaporeans’ only credible news, and States Times Review is fake news. Singapore Press Holdings is ranked 154th in credibility

Enough fake news for the day, I hereby volunteer to shut my site down if Shanmugam can deny any of these articles I published.

Alex Tan Zhixiang
STR Editor