Photo of Singapore casino from China Daily

According to the Singapore Chinese papers Shin Ming Ri Pao, shoppers in Suntec City are seeing a number of China (PRC) tourists begging in the mall. The PRC tourists consisting of 2 men and 1 women, approached mall shoppers and identified themselves as tourists from Shanghai, alleging that they had lost 200,000 RMB (about S$40,000) in the casinos and need some money for food. Some shoppers offered meal vouchers but were rejected by the PRC beggars who insisted on taking cash only.

A lady the Chinese papers interviewed said that on last Sunday (Mar 26), 3 PRC tourists approached him asking for directions and then begin their sob stories about losing money in the casino and asked him for a “loan”. The 3 PRC tourists were well-dressed, with the man carrying a Gucci bag.

A similar incident was reported on the Facebook page of the Singapore Police on Mar 17, recounting that 4 PRC tourists approaching strangers for “food money” at Bugis Junction.