Photo of arranged photoshoot of Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan on crowded train on Oct 19 by ASS

Despite notifying the public of a planned train delay of 10 minutes for switching over to a new signalling system, public transport operator SMRT suffered an hour-long train delay at around 9pm – 2 hours ahead of the planned delay at 11pm tonight (Mar 28).

Commuters traveling from Bishan to Sembawang on the North-South Line (NSL) were told to add an additional 15 minutes to their traveling time due to a signalling fault.

SMRT previously boasted that the new signalling system, which was completed in 2016, will reduce train arrival intervals from 120 seconds to 100 seconds. The public transport operator and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) also said that they have been performing up to 1,300 tests of the new signalling system during off-operation hours.

Update: According to SMRT Twitter page, the NSL is still facing train delays as of 9.42pm – an hour after the first incident was reported.