Photo of Nicholas Tan from Straits Times Wong Kwai Chow

Three Singaporeans were sentenced to jail for cheating in the army’s IPPT fitness tests that saw them cheating a total of S$16,700 from the IPPT rewards. The three fit men “cheated” the Ministry of Defence by helping 72 National Service reservist conscripts, NS men, take their IPPT fitness tests between 2011 and 2014.

Earlier today (Mar 27), Nicholas Tan Kin Sung, 37, was sentenced to four months’ jail involving only S$800 where he got gold for helping two NS men take IPPT tests.

Lim Chun Chyi, 37, was sentenced to 18 months’ jail last week (March 20) for 20 charges helping other Singaporeans to take the IPPT fitness test. The amount involved was only S$8,000. On Sep 2016, Kho Puay Meng, 39, was jailed two months for “conspiring to cheat” on one charge.

The unusually harsh punishment brought on discontentment among Singaporeans, criticizing the Singapore judiciary for being biased against Singaporeans.