Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Mediacorp

Singapore’s infant milk powder has become the most expensive in the world, surpassing even Australia. According to official figures from the Singapore Department of Statistics, the average retail price for a 900g tin of infant milk powder is now S$56.06 – 120% that of S$25.42 in 2007. This pricing is doubled that of the brands and model sold accross the causeway in Malaysia.

Despite having the lowest birth rate in the world at 1.21, the Singapore government refuse to subsidise children necessities and chose instead to profit immensely from the PAP-linked NTUC FairPrice supermarkets.

An infant on average require 4 tins of 900g milk powder, or cost a family about S$224.24 a month. The cost of raising a child to 5 years old cost about $50,000 on average, which the “generous” Baby Bonus given by the government could barely pay 10% for.

A check with the Department of Statistics also found similar inflation of other staple food due to profiting and high indirect taxes. A carton of 10 eggs now cost S$2.17, or 28.4% higher than it is in 2007, a 400g loaf of white bread inflate 33.9% and Thai rice cost 66.8% higher.

The Singapore government has however given up hope on raising birth rate, and prefer to import foreigners from third world countries like China, India and Philippines to make up for the population. However, foreign immigrants who became citizens in Singapore cite the same problem of financial strains and they further worsen the ageing population as foreigners are not giving birth either.