According to a government survey conducted by its feedback agency REACH, 56% of the 1,111 Singaporeans surveyed are not against the 30% water price hike imposed. The government survey result, which was released yesterday (Mar 22), claimed that 32% supported the price hike and 24% are neutral.

REACH claimed that despite initial resistance, Singaporeans are now more “accepting” of the price hike after several propaganda campaigns which had PAP MPs “explaining” the increase.

Minister of State Sam Tan said that the PAP government “understand” the people’s concerns and that there are help available:

“We understand Singaporeans’ concerns. For those who are affected by the rising costs, there are measures to help households through the increase in U-Save rebates. We also hear the suggestions of some Singaporeans to improve communication on the water increase, and to do more public education so that everyone can work collectively to understand the need for water conservation.”

The REACH survey also found a 52% majority support Budget 2017, and are receptive to the tax and price increase.

The Singapore government often publishes fake surveys as propaganda to tame resistance against their policies, especially new ones that are hugely unpopular. Earlier in the year, the Singapore government published a fake survey claiming 80% of the Singaporeans support having a memorial for Lee Kuan Yew.

Fabricating fake news is a criminal offence in Singapore but the government and state media are legally immune to such charges.