Photo from Facebook

An anonymous vigilante has created impersonated Facebook pages of 13 PAP MPs and used the fake accounts for phishing scams.

Among the targeted are PAP MPs Tin Pei Ling, Alex Yam, Baey Yam Keng, Charles Chong, Lily Neo, Chia Shi-Lu, Ang Wei Neng, Desmond Choo, Cheryl Chan, Darryl David, and PAP Ministers Chan Chun Sing, Heng Chee How and Sim Ann.

The cyber attack came after the passing of the S$75 billion Budget which includes a 30% water price increase and diesel tax increase. The Budget was passed by the 83 ruling party PAP MPs and puppet president Tony Tan, with no debate or opposition.

The pages appeared between Thursday (Mar 16) and yesterday (Mar 18), and were detected by the PAP Internet Brigade (IB). The PAP IB is a group of internet trolls hired by the government to defame critics and support propaganda effort online.

There has been an increase anti-PAP resistance that is sporadic but increasingly gaining grounds. Due to legalised corruptions and the abuse of the police and defamation lawsuits, most Singaporeans express their unhappiness anonymously and mostly online. A few resorted to vandalism and crimes to oppose the PAP dictatorship.

Photo of vandalists from Facebook
Photo from Facebook

The PAP government is aware of the increasing resistance and has introduced tighter laws on censorship. Local websites which post commentaries on news and current affairs have to register a S$50,000 bond with the government and the new propaganda ministry, Ministry of Communications and Information, was strengthened.