Photo of TOC and Police from Facebook

“We asked for a response, you ignore us, and now you want to arrest us?”

Singapore independent news media TheOnlineCitizen (TOC) hit back at the Singapore Police with the above message.

In what seems like a deliberate move to close down the news site, the Singapore Police willfully refused to respond for 2 months when requested for a response on the article, then proceeded to threaten the site with “actions”.

TOC wrote on their Facebook page today (Mar 18):

“We note, however, that we had on 17 January on the date of the incident, written to them seeking for SPF’s response to the account made by Ms Choo on what her father experienced. The SPF did not reply even after two months since the date of our query.”

TOC also said that the Singapore Police has confirmed that the letter is not fake, and that the police should not be trigger-happy about pressing charges:

“We note also that the account of what happened came from Ms Choo, the daughter of the affected elderly. There was no additional comments or details added to their version of the story. SPF’s reply also proves that TOC did not conjure the story out of thin air. The account as depicted in the article can only come from people involved in the incident. In all our articles, TOC seeks to give all sides a chance to speak. It is up to those we reach out to respond. We would like to take this opportunity to urge the SPF to reply to future similar queries in future so as to present a fairer story on any public interest matter.”