Photo of Chan Chun Sing from Wee Teck Hian Today

Despite having zero business management or even work a day in the private sector, Minister of State Chan Chun Sing “advised” Singaporean businesses to venture overseas for growth:

“Businesses need to look beyond cost management to also explore how to improve their value-add and venture overseas for growth.”

Speaking at a panel discussion organised by state media Chinese papers Zao Bao, the president of Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association told the minister that the 30% water price hike and increase in diesel tax is affecting heavy industrial businesses badly.

To which, Minister Chan Chun Sing gestured wildly and spoke about business management:

“Once cost management reaches its limit, companies should turn attention to creating more value and boosting the top line. The government has no choice but to increase water prices, given the lack of water resources and high usage level.”

The Minister however did not explain why is there “no choice”.

When questioned by forum attendees if the government will loosen the control on foreign worker inflow, the minister who has been in the army in his entire career said that he is focused on quality over quantity and dished out an “advice” to businesses to go overseas:

“The issue on this front is not really one of quantity but rather the quality of foreign workers. This entails better integration of foreign workers to ensure social cohesion, and moving away from reliance of low-skilled labour so that the quota can be shifted to bring in more high quality foreign workers. On all these issues the government will need closer partnership with trade associations and chambers, which should play a larger role in organising individual businesses to upgrade capabilities and go overseas.”