Photo of Singapore MBS from AFP

The latest Mercer survey found that Singapore has the best infrastructure for foreigners in the world, and is also the highest-ranking Asian city for foreigners. The quality of life for foreigners in Singapore is also ranked 25th.

Despite doing well in quality of living ranking, Singaporeans are still looking to emigration as the locals are treated second-class when compared with foreign expats. Singaporean males have to waste more than 2 years on national service while every Singaporean has to pay CPF taxes – a national crowdfund for sovereign wealth fund-level stock market gambling masquerading as a “retirement and healthcare fund” for the people.

According to the Economist’s Big Mac Index, Singaporeans have one of the worst purchasing power in the world, with a -21.1% undervalue in purchasing power when compared to cost of living.

Screenshot from Big Mac index The Economist

Australian cities – a hot choice of emigration for Singaporeans – outclassed Singapore, with Sydney taking the 10th spot, Melbourne at 16th and Perth at 22nd. Another population emigration destination, New Zealand, also featured higher-ranked cities like Auckland (3rd) and Wellington (15th).

You may view Mercer’s quality of life 2017 ranking here.