Photo of Sun Ho and Kong Hee from Straits Times
Kong Hee was convicted for multiple cheating charges and sentenced to 8 years jail. Both the unrepentant City Harvest Church founder and the prosecution appealed the sentence, with the latter asking for 12 years jail minimum.
Despite having more than 6 months, the judges of appeal are still contemplating what sentence to pass for Kong Hee
Judge Chao: “Given the voluminous evidence during the appeal, the judges would have to give careful consideration and would need time to run through it. We can only promise you a judgment ASAP.”

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Pastor Kong Hee from City Harvest Church was sentenced to 8 years jail on 20 Nov 2015 for criminal breach of trust and falsification of accounts to fund his wife’s doomed singing career.

His five other accomplices got the following sentence before the appeal:

  1. Former finance manager Serina Wee, 5 years jail
  2. Board member Chew Eng Han, 6 years jail
  3. Former finance manager Sharon Tan, 21 months jail
  4. Senior Pastor Tan Ye Peng, 5 years and 6 months jail
  5. Former secretary of church management John Lam, 4 years jail

All six are unrepentant and are appealing their sentencing. They are all currently on bail with their sentencing deferred.

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