Photo from Facebook

A police officer on patrol arrested a licensed street performer without giving any explanation, and even threatened to arrest a third-party who spoke up for the street performer. The incident happened at around 9.22pm last night (Mar 11) at Orchard Road outside Takashimaya shopping centre.

The street performer told the police officer, Sergeant Sim, to speak in English when the police officer was speaking in Mandarin with his female colleague.

“I then spoke to him in Mandarin saying that I rather he speak English instead of Mandarin as it is our working language.”

To this, Sergeant Sim snapped:

“Keep your mouth shut.”

The Singapore police officer then took out his handcuffs and arrested the street performer. A third-party, Eric Fong, questioned Sergeant Sim why did he take out the handcuffs, the police officer did not respond and threatened to arrest him too.

Eric Fong was then forced to shut up on the police officer’s threat. According to Eric Fong’s Facebook post, he has lodged a complaint against the police officer. You may view his post here.

Long-time street performer Roy Payamal, also known as the “silver man”, has been street performing for over 30 years since the late 1980s. According to the police statement, he was arrested for “disorderly behaviour” but was released on Sunday morning. In a media interview with state media, Roy said that “it was a misunderstanding” and that the police officer was intimidated by his loud vocal.