Photo of K Shanmugam from Straits Times

Like a scam artist, Law Minister K Shanmugam drew references to a family insinuating the ruling dictatorship is a family of Singaporeans and that they should trust the PAP with their money. The tactic drew huge similarity to convicted conman, Yang Yin, who told a dementia-stricken elderly Singaporean he is a “son” of hers while scheming for her wealth. The news carried by state media Straits Times is part of the propaganda effort telling Singaporeans to stop asking where the money in the national reserve is.

Speaking at a dialogue held yesterday (March 5), Law Minister K Shanmugam called for Singaporeans to have blind trust without accountability in the ruling party PAP government when handling the country’s coffers. When questioned by a resident at the dialogue what happens if the government less net investment income than they projected, Law Minister retorted that Singaporeans should just trust the government:

“Money is not going to come from the sky… We have to pay for what we use, and we just have to trust the Government to be efficient with its use of the money.”

Law Minister K Shanmugam then relate the PAP government as a “family” of Singaporeans:

“As a family, you have to spend less than what you earn. As a country, we have to learn to spend less than what we have. With all the rising costs and rising expenditure, we need to look at where the extra money (needed) is going to come from.”

K Shanmugam is a trigger-happy political gangster who often threatens his critics with defamation lawsuits and sedition. The powerful politician who has control over the police and judiciary, predates on critics who he perceives as weak, especially those onshore in Singapore. However, during China’s aggressive rhetoric with Singapore, Minister K Shanmugam cowered as a mouse like his master Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

While Singaporeans may not be suffering from dementia, a 70% suffer from acute gullibility and will likely trust the government with their money as Law Minister K Shanmugam wants them to.