Photo of SPH papers from Yahoo Singapore

Propaganda state media Straits Times conducted a street survey of 100 with a finding that 75% are unaware of their monthly usage. The state media then claimed it is hence conclusive that Singaporeans do not appreciate the cost of water, based on views from right-wing academics.

Right-wing academic from Lee Kuan Yew’s School of Public Policy, Professor Asit K. Biswas, told the state media that he is surprised that even a quarter of them knew how much water they use. The professor from the government education institute then charged that Singaporeans willfully take water for granted:

“I am surprised that a quarter of them even knew. This has not come about because of a lack of transparency or information, but because of a bigger problem. Singaporeans have been taking water for granted just because nothing has happened in the last few years.”

Straits Times also claimed that 50% of their survey respondents support the 30% hike in water prices.

Government scholar Professor Biswas then chided Singaporeans for being complacent and that he wants the water price to double:

“The results reveal complacency among Singaporeans and felt that the increase was too small. We need to realise that Singapore’s water supply is not reliable. I would double the price of water by 2019 if it were up to me.”

Straits Times then interviewed another right-wing academic, Professor Ng Yew Kwang, from government university, Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Professor Ng Yew Kwang claimed that water price is underpriced, without providing any proof:

“The 30 per cent price increase is highly desirable, given that water has always been underpriced.”