Photo of Yang Yin from Straits Times

High profile cheat from China, Yang Yin, who failed in his attempt to control a rich elderly woman’s assets through forging legal documents have been sentenced to 11 years’ jail for multiple cheating offenses. The sentence was passed down at the Court of Appeal after the prosecution appealed against the previous sentence of 6 years as inadequate.

The 42-year-old China National who is a former Permanent Resident misappropriated more than S$1.1 million of the 89-year-old elderly Singaporean’s assets. Yang Yin took over her financials by forging legal documents that approve him as a legal custodian for the elderly who was suffering from dementia. According to court hearings, Yang Yin ill-treated the old woman and even moved his entire family from China into the good-class bungalow. No restitution has been made and it is believed that the bulk of the ill-gotten money is with his family in China, who fled Singapore and is also under the wanted list.

For 26 months of the 11 years’ jail sentence, Yang Yin was founded guilty for forgery including creating a fake company and printing fake invoices as part of his application for his permanent residency. Former PAP MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC, Intan Azurar Mohktar, then, endorsed Yang Yin’s PR application in a letter to the Immigration Checkpoint Authority, but she feigned ignorance and claimed she was also cheated.

A relative of the rich elderly said that the victim is very satisfied with the new sentencing. Yang Yin’s case is a high profile cheating case in Singapore, and has to an extent given a negative impresison of foreigners in Singapore, especially those from China.

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