Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Today Online Ooi Boon Keong

Ethos of leadership. Divine plans to future growth. People’s answer to the troubles of democracy. History has seen all kinds of dictators like Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong, but not like this one: Lee Hsien Loong.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong crowing praises about himself at the recent forum gave me goosebumps. Literally.

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The Singaporean dictator is a Prime Minister, an accomplished Brigadier General, and a self-styled mathematician-programmer, only because everyone else’s father is not Lee Kuan Yew. Incorruptible the ruling party may profess themselves to be, Singaporeans deep down inside know the country is just a slab of corrupted regime controlled by the Lee family.

Yet, we have ignorant numbering by the hundreds of thousands pouring praises to the wretched bastard who calls himself the product of meritocracy. Give me a break, Singaporeans – or at least 70% of you – your stupidity is becoming insanity.

There is serious mental illness with Lee Hsien Loong or that cancer cells must had affected the limbic part of his brain for him to develop delusions thinking he is open to criticisms. Anyone, including his supporters, knows that Lee Hsien Loong is anything but open to criticism. His abuse of defamation lawsuits against critics is notorious worldwide.

Foreigners not only laugh about chewing gum in Singapore, many are also equally aware of the lèse majesté law in Singapore, or its equivalent at least. South East Asia is backward in political development, and so bankruptcy or jail after criticising the Prime Minister is not a thing any foreigner would twitch their brow at when they hear it.

What would really have everyone’s attention was the arty farty, and almost dreamy, script Lee Hsien Loong came out with. When Lee Hsien Loong said he distant yes-men and listen to his people, and when his propaganda mouthpiece Straits Times ran that garbage of an article claiming that he loves maths and astronomy…I cringed really hard. I seriously don’t know what to say about this superficial asshole dictator we call PM.

Lee Hsien Loong is just…disgusting. . Just another corrupted asshole.

STR Editor