Photo of Singapore and New Zaland passport from SDP

In yet another sign that everyone is looking to emigrate out of Singapore, a recruitment drive in Singapore for a small number of IT positions to work in Wellington New Zealand saw over 7,000 registrations. General manager at Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA), David Jones, said that among the 7,000, more than 900 are qualified IT professionals working in Singapore. However only 100 positions are available for the recruitment drive that is concurrently conducted in United States and other countries.

The successful hires will be based in Wellington, in the southern state of New Zealand, with flights and accommodation paid for, and arranged job interviews with employers who have roles that match their skills. However a successful candidate have to compensate up to S$9,000 if he is selected but refuse to honour the contract. Despite so, the recruitment still saw over 900 qualified IT professionals including senior IT developers from Facebook, Google and Amazon.

There are more than 30 employers like Xero, Trade Me and Weta Digital, involved with the recruitment drive. A key perk of working in New Zealand is that New Zealand’s permanent residency is permanent for life without any minimum residency-length condition like Australia.

In 2011, the Singapore government published in a statistic paper that about 11,000 Singaporeans give up their citizenship. The number shocked the ruling party members and numerous debates about a brain drain went viral. However, the statistic has since been censored. Working Holiday visas in Australia for Singaporeans were removed and Singaporeans were encouraged not to get a bachelor degree in order to stop the emigration exodus.

Singaporeans working overseas do not have to pay CPF tax in Singapore at 37.5%, and enjoy a higher income with shorter working hours. Singaporean males can also defer their National Service reservist training indefinitely when they work overseas.