Photo of Syonan Gallery from CNA

In an article by state media Mediacorp TodayOnline, the government media claimed that Singaporeans praise the government for being commendable in the name change of Syonan Gallery.

Without giving any figures or statistics, the propaganda state media wrote:

“Most said the decision to rename it was a commendable decision by the Government to apologise for the pain the name caused and to respect the wishes of those whose families had suffered during the Japanese Occupation.”

Singapore’s duopoly state media, Mediacorp and Singapore Press Holdings, are collectively ranked 154th for credibility and press accuracy. Through their papers and television programmes, the two state media often publish fake news and feature right-wing academics like Professor Eugene Tan and Dr Gillian Koh on both the internet and printed media.

You may view TodayOnline’s propaganda article here.

Although the spreading of false information is illegal in Singapore, none of the state media papers have been taken to task.

The Syonan Gallery was renamed following coverage by States Times Review condemning the Singapore government for being insensitive to world war 2 survivors and their relatives.