Photo of Indranee Rajah

In response to Singaporeans complaining about the hefty 30% increase in water prices, Minister of State for Finance Indranee Rajah said in a radio interview:

“You can put it off this year. But then next year you don’t know what the economy will be like. You sometimes just have to bite the bullet and say, this is a critical resource, you’ve got to ensure future supply, so the time to do it is now.

There is never actually “a good time” to raise water prices. We’ve looked at this, and this is the appropriate time going forward, because we’re planning for the future and the levels at the Linggiu Dam were a good reminder of this.”

Despite being responsible for the water price increase, Minister Indranee praised her government for helping the poor:

“That is why you’ve got measures like the GST U-Save, GST special cash payment … these are measures which are targeted at those who are having some difficulty in managing the increase in cost.”

In a question posed by a radio listener over the rising cost of living due to the water price increase, Minister Indranee Rajah told Singaporeans to raise their salaries instead:

“It all comes back to how people can increase their incomes, and how the revenue that comes into the household can be increased so all the other things can be managed.”