Photo of Heng Swee Keat from Yahoo

One of the latest Budget 2017 key measures is to raise water prices by 30%, and this will be done in two phases starting from July 1 this year and the next.

Minister Heng Swee Keat said in his Budget delivery that the reason for raising the prices is because the last revision was done a long time ago and not because there is an increase in cost:

“Water prices were last revised in 2000, almost 20 years ago. We need to update our water prices to reflect the latest costs of water supply.”

Households using more than 40 will pay S$3.21 per  by 1 July 2017, and S$3.69 per  by 1 July 2018, from the current from the S$2.61 per .

On top of raising water prices, the government will also implement a new 10% tax on Newater consumption for all business owners.

75% of the households should see up to S$12 increase per month in their water bill.

The price increase will pay for building greater water capabilities and investments in infrastructures, in preparation for the 6.9 million population target by 2030.