Photo of Han Jing from Singapore Police

A millionaire 38-year-old Singapore Permanent Resident from China has been sentenced to only 11 months’ jail for committing multiple serious offences – attempting to snatch a police officer’s loaded revolver, high-rise littering hitting a police officer, resisting arrest, attempting to flee from a traffic accident and knocking down a signpost. The incident happened at around midnight on 22 Jan 2016, and started when the rich China national, Han Jing, had a car accident. Han Jing was reported to have driven her mini-cooper into a signpost at Soo Chow Garden Road and walked away to a bus stop at Upper Thomson Road. When the police arrived at the scene and stopped her, she grabbed the revolver of the officer and tried to pull it out.

A former property agent in Singapore, Han Jing was given an additional 3 months’ jail in lieu of mandatory caning. The Institute of Mental Health said that Han Jing’s actions were “acute stress reaction”, but no medication is required. Deputy Public Prosecutor said in the court hearing that Han Jing was uncooperative with the police and showed little remorse during interrogation. In the previous court hearings, Han Jing claimed she fell down and grabbed the revolver for support.

The rich China national also faced two charges of littering from her 30th-level unit of Espada condominium in River Valley. According to the court, on 4 Sep 2016, Han Jing threw a flower pot, a small table and a clothing rack off the apartment’s balcony. Broken fragments of a second flower pot she threw grazed a police officer’s forehead.

Her 11 month-sentence is considered light with the above multiple-charges, but no surprise as Singapore judiciary is biased towards the rich and foreign.A high-rise littering offense for first-time offenders warrant a S$2,000 fine,

Permanent residency visa need not be revoked even when foreigners commit a crime in Singapore.If Han Jing’s PR was revoked and had been deported in January for her revolver-snatch charge, she would not have committed high-rise littering causing hurt 8 months later in September.