Photo of Hri Kumar from heart truths

Ruling party PAP spoke out in defence of the appointment of Deputy Attorney General-designate Hri Kumar claiming that the former PAP MP is apolitical because he is no longer a party member.

Hri Kumar’s appointment was passed by puppet President Tony Tan on recommendations of dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong last week. The move is aimed to criminalise the opposition Workers’ Party which the current Attorney General team cleared of wrongdoing.

The appointment of Hri Kumar is the latest legalised corruption sanctioned by the ruling party, after a high profile re-writing of the country’s constitution to allow only the Malay race to contest in the coming Presidential Election.

Hri Kumar has on multiple occasions accused the opposition WP for dishonesty and corruption, and upon his taking office, the incrimination of the Aljunied Town Council will likely take priority.