Photo of Minister Lawrence Wong at Sparkletots from Straits Times

A PAP kindergarten at Teck Whye is currently under police investigation for child abuse. According to a parent, her 18-month toddler was found with bruises on his forehead, back and legs. The abuse took place Sparkletots Childcare at Teck Whye Blk 19 and has been happening for weeks.

Speaking to the media over the abuse, the anonymous parent who lodged a police report said:

“I did not think much of it at the start but grew concerned as he came back with a new bruise each day. Worried, I stayed back in the kindergarten one day and I saw my son, held by his ankles by the teacher, was struggling as he was pressed down by the teacher’s elbow on his back.”

When she confronted the school, CCTV footage confirmed the abuse incident and the PAP kindergarten school principal apologised profusely. However, the very next day, she found a bruise in her son’s stomach. The parent has since removed her child from the childcare centre despite promises made by the school that the abuse will not repeat.

This is the second high profile child abuse committed by a childcare centre surfaced this week.