Photo of Halimah Yacob from Straits Times

Earmarked to be the next Singapore President, PAP MP Halimah Yacob told Singaporeans at a forum that they need to speak up against discrimination:

“Singaporeans need to speak up against violence, unkind behaviour, prejudice and discrimination. Sometimes, when everyone is silent in the face of unacceptable behaviour, we may mistakenly assume that we are alone and, even worse, that our fellow citizens condone such behaviour. We must show that this is not the case. We all share this civic responsibility, regardless of race, language or religion.”

The PAP MP who is also the Parliament Speaker claimed that equality and racial diversity is only possible because of the government:

“Racial diversity and equality for women may feel like a natural state of things for Singapore, but they did not come about without design. They are a result of law, policies and community programmes started by the Government over the years, she said yesterday. We can, through legislation, prevent people from saying really nasty things, inciting violence against each other or aggression.”

Halimah Yacob then blame globalisation for causing terrorism, discrimination and racism. The PAP MP then chant about having a “strong civic culture” despite under strict censorship control from the government:

“Globalisation is giving way to new challenges and social fault lines – specifically, immigration and a rise in inter-ethnic marriages, as well as terrorism. At the same time, Singapore is reaching the limits of what policy alone can do. It is clear that Government cannot and should not single-handedly create harmony or shape our future. But a strong civic culture can overcome these challenges. It is one in which everyone sees that a harmonious society is a shared responsibility for all. One in which there is care and consideration for each other, mutual respect between different groups and maturity when negotiating differences, which are inevitable. One in which everyone feels that they have equal access to opportunities to improve their lives. If people disagree, they must still remember we are dealing with a human being with a life story, with their own share of joy and grief that made them who they are today.”

Interestingly, Halimah Yacob did not speak up against the racist legislation that reserved the next Presidential Election for only the Malay race. Halimah Yacob is also subtly accepting the incoming President candidacy profile by refusing to deny her intention to contest in the coming election. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong orchestrated a series of calculated political moves from a state media-conducted survey to complete parliament control, in order to assign a puppet President. The puppet President will allow Lee Hsien Loong, who also sit as the chairman of GIC, and his government to enjoy free unlimited access to the national reserves and CPF fund.