Screenshot from video

A newly-hired maid from Indonesia has been arrested for murdering a 78-year-old elderly at her employer’s HDB apartment unit at Block 276, Tampines St 22. Minah, 37, has only started working in the household of the wheelchair-bound deceased, Tay Quee Lang, for about a month ago. The maid was reported to be heard screaming after she  at around 2.10pm on Monday (Feb 13).

When neighbour Ashaari Hasan Basri, 27, went out of his house in response to the commotion, he found the maid crying hysterically at the door. Ashaari looked into the living room and saw a 20cm-long knife blade stuck into the elderly sitting motionless on a wheelchair.

The maid was charged in court yesterday (Feb 15) for murder and she is represented by a lawyer appointed by the Indonesia government. The judge ruled that the murder suspect be sent for psychiatric assessment at Changi Women’s Prison before the next trial on March 8.