Photo of Lee Kuan Yew's funeral from ABC

According to an anonymous and possible falsified survey by the Singapore government, there is a “strong support” for a Lee Kuan Yew Memorial to immortalize the former dictator politician.

Founders’ Memorial Committee’s chair Lee Tzu Yang told state media:

“It is very encouraging to see Singaporeans showing strong support for a Founders’ Memorial, and stepping forward with creative ideas on how to bring it to fruition.”

No details of the survey and its methodologies were revealed. On several books and education material, several stories of the deceased Lee Kuan Yew’s history has been falsified by the Singapore government and its Education Ministry. One of which is Lee Kuan Yew’s support to leave Malaysia Federation, to which the Singapore government claimed that Singapore was forced to leave. The other falsified statement in Singapore is the turning of a fishing village with no natural resources into a first world country, when Singapore was a crown colony with the world’s busiest port since 1819.

It is unknown how many millions will be spent on the memorial to glorify the ruling party founders, but state media pointed out that “physical features like water elements and landscaping were frequently mentioned for its symbolism and role in nation-building as well as to create an atmosphere of reflection, contemplation, and calm”.

The son of Lee Kuan Yew is the current Prime Minister, and he also sits as the chairman of sovereign wealth fund company GIC. Both positions were previously held by Lee Kuan Yew.