Photo of Josephine Teo from Straits Times Wong Kwai Chow

In her Facebook post, Senior Minister of State for population Josephine Teo called Singaporean woman “chicken” for egg-laying. The sexist post was titled: “WILL MOTHER HENS BE LAYING MORE EGGS?”

In Singaporean Chinese culture, a woman referred to as a “chicken” is a prostitute.

This is not the first time Minister Josephine Teo unwittingly insult Singaporeans in her pretense to be candid and forthcoming. Earlier in October last year, the Minister spoke in Singlish in a media interview saying “not much space need to have sex”:

“You do not need much space to have sex. In France, in the UK, in the Nordic countries, man meets woman, tonight they can make a baby already. Both of them partly have their own family, so it is a matter of living in yours or living in mine, and they also don’t have to worry about marriage – that comes later. So how about having a couple declare that they wish to have a child in two years and get the flat first? What if they can’t conceive? Take back the flat from them? How do you know they really tried to conceive? Can we check whether they use contraceptives? Cannot, right?”

Minister Josephine Teo wrote in her post that she hope young Singaporeans would put in more effort in giving birth than just focusing on their careers.

You may read her full post here.

Minister Josephine Teo has been helming the National Population and Talent division since October 2015. However the country’s birth rate continue to decline under her charge. Currently Singapore has the world’s lowest birth rate at 1.20.