Photo of CFE from Straits Times

Despite the fanfare, the Committee on Future Economy is just a load of hot air. The 30-member committee with countless heavyweight Ministers sitting in it, who took one whole year have simply presented a ridiculous report a secondary school student could have came out with over June holidays.

Let’s look at their “recommendations”:

1. Spending on airport and port infrastructure a critical investment
2. Ability to execute proposed growth strategies is key
3. Deepen and diversify international connections
4. Acquire and utilise deep skills
5. Strengthen enterprise capabilities and innovate and scale up
6. Build strong digital capabilities
7. Develop a vibrant and connected city opportunity
8. Develop and implement Industry Transformation Maps
9. Partner one another to enable growth and innovation

Thank you Captain Obvious. Why don’t you just summarise them into two words: status quo.

Zero changes to existing policies, what a waste of everyone’s time. 30 jiak liao bees.

Opinion piece by STR Editor