Photo of Masagos Zulkifli from PAP

Singapore’s Minister for Environment and Water Resources (MEW) Masagos Zulkifli confirmed in a media conference yesterday (Feb 7) that he will be raising the prices of water to pay for the new desalination plants in Singapore.

“The price increase will help ensure the reliability of the country’s water infrastructure, as well as support reliable but more expensive sources of water like desalination.”

The Minister said that water prices is underpriced in Singapore and claimed that production costs has gone up:

“The price of water has not been revised for many years and that it is underpriced. Alternative water sources like desalination in the face of uncertain weather conditions in the future. Johor’s Linggiu Reservoir may dry up completely if dry weather continues for the next two years.”

Currently Singapore has two desalination plants are in operation with a combined capacity of 100 million Imperial gallons a day (mgd), which is only a quarter of Singapore’s daily water demand of 430mgd. Desalination will meet up to 30 per cent of Singapore’s water demand by 2060 when demand is expected to double due to the 6.9 million population target set by the ruling party government.

Singapore is building 3 more desalination plant to accommodate the greater water need by the increased population in 2030. Henceforth the current increase in water price is needed to fund these projects.