Photo of Fong Swee Suan from Mediacorp

In his lengthy “condolence” letter to former PAP opponent Fong Swee Suan’s demise on yesterday (Feb 5), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong mocked the deceased former political opponent of his father claiming that Singapore’s history “fortunately” did not change.

“Singapore’s history would have been utterly different if Mr Lim and Mr Fong had prevailed. Fortunately, they did not, as several of those who took their path recognised later, after the dust had settled.”

Fong Swee Suan was a Barisan Socialis leader, and also a former founding member of the ruling party PAP. He was exiled by Lee Kuan Yew after the dictator managed to secure the Prime Minister position. Fong Swee Suan died at age 85 on Saturday afternoon (Feb 4).

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong mock the deceased calling him “ruthless and thorough”, and that his government is today of “high standards of personal integrity” because of political opponents like him:

“Because of the standards of dedication they set, we, the English-educated PAP leaders, had to set high standards of personal integrity and spartan lifestyles to withstand their political attacks. They were ruthless and thorough. We became as dedicated as they were in pursuing our political objectives.”