Along in cahoot with state media, the Singapore government published a survey claiming that satisfaction with the state of public transport among Singaporeans have reached a 9-year-high. According to the Public Transport Council (PTC), satisfaction level hit 96.4% in 2016 – the highest in 9 years – in its survey where no details or profiles were given about the survey respondents or survey methodologies.

More incredibly, the PTC claimed that Singaporeans are more satisfied with the MRT trains:

“In particular, the addition of new trains to the North East and Circle Lines in 2016 had eased crowding and improved wait times and journey times. The opening of the Downtown Line 2 in December 2015 has enhanced the convenience of public transport travel for more commuters. Rail reliability has also improved due to the Land Transport Authority’s and train operators’ efforts at improving maintenance and increasing manpower, as well as asset renewals on the North-South and East-West Lines.”

Graphic from PTC

While acknowledging that the frequency of breakdowns has increased, the PTC praise the government transport operators, SMRT and SBS Transit, for “improved management” when there is a service disruption:

“While the number of service delays of more than 30 minutes increased by one incident in 2016, measures to improve incident management and minimise the inconvenience to commuters, such as clearer communication of information on bus bridging services and alternative routes of travel, may have mitigated a little of the impact of these major disruptions on satisfaction levels.”

PTC also praised the S$1 billion bailout for SMRT, claiming that the bailout has resulted in greater motivation and competition among the transport operators:

“The improved results are likely attributable to several factors, including the transition to the Bus Contracting Model which has injected greater competition among the bus operators and hence motivated them to improve their services, and the adoption of performance standards for regularity of bus arrivals.”Singapore’s state media is ranked 157th in the world for press accuracy. The two legal newspaper companies, SPH and Mediacorp, are under heavy influence from the government with media editors toeing directives from the Ministry of Communication and Information.