Photo of Chan Chun Sing from Wee Teck Hian Today

Speaking at a Chinese New Year dinner held at his Tanjong Pagar constituency, Minister of State Chan Chun Sing claimed that the government takes care of everyone:

“Singapore will have to go beyond focusing on economic growth and take care of everyone in Singapore. This is the reason why we must make sure the fruits of our growth is fairly distributed. This is also the reason why that for those who have been successful in this globalized world, it is our responsibility to ensure that we reach out and take care of those who might be less successful.”

However despite the widespread of cronyism and nepotism among Singapore ruling elites, the former army general scholar claimed that there is meritocracy in Singapore:

“Singapore’s policy of meritocracy, where as long as you are capable, so long as you are hardworking, you will have every chance to rise to the very top. That you do not need to worry that your progress in life will be hindered by your race, language or religion.”

Minister Chan Chun Sing also weighed in on obeying the rule of law, suggesting that China should give up their claims on the South China Sea:

“As the global balance of powers shifts, Singapore needs to watch the waves and read the tide carefully. The Republic is neither pro country A or anti country B. We are just pro Singapore, everything that we do must start from the basic premise of what is in the best interests of Singapore. Singapore also supports a stable, open and inclusive international order underpinned by the rule of law… We want to be friends with both. The Pacific Ocean is big enough for us to find common ground, to work on common projects together.”

Minister Chan Chun Sing then said Singapore should be allowed the freedom to navigate in the South China Sea, saying it is just like living in a HDB flat:

“Singapore’s believe in the freedom to navigate the sea and land space, as compared to how neighbours living in the same Housing and Development Board block should be assured that they can move around without facing problems or be harassed.”

The PAP Minister who has never worked in the private sector then call for businessowners to innovate and expand overseas:

“Local firms need to seek quality growth that is based on innovation rather than manpower. Adding that the world must be our oyster. Singaporean firms also need to be prepared to expand beyond the local market.”