Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Ministry of Communication and Information

After the Terrex confiscation episode, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong denies that China-Singapore relationship has declined:

“Both sides see value in this relationship. We hope to continue developing our friendship with China, to the mutual benefit of both countries. Singapore is China’s top source of foreign investments while the latter is Singapore’s biggest trading partner.”

Speaking at the Chinese New Year dinner at Teck Ghee in his constituency Ang Mo Kio GRC, Lee Hsien Loong avoided commenting on the Terrex vehicles and China’s protest of Singapore’s military ties with Taiwan. The Prime Minister also avoided discussing about the corruption investigation in his town council.

Lee Hsien Loong then went on emphasize the importance of United States to counter China:

“The US is an important power in the region, which contributes to peace and stability in Asia. And we hope that even with a new administration, even with a different mood in the US, this can continue…Because if the US continues to cooperate with Singapore and other countries, I think it is good for Singapore, and it is also good for the US and for the world.”

The Singapore Prime Minister also maintained that diplomatic relations with Malaysia and Indonesia is good. However, just two days ago, Malaysia filed an appeal to claim the sovereignty of Pedra Branca with the International Court, instead of holding bilateral talks with Singapore. Indonesia has also declined the use of it’s Jakarta airport for Singapore flights citing “runway works”.