Screenshot from Straits Times

Singapore state media Straits Times is leading a propaganda to blame lift contractors for the increase in HDB lift faults. According to the government mouthpiece, contractor Sigma Elevator has failed to meet its Jan 31 deadline to rectify all lift faults it built.

You may view Straits Times article here.

Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC PAP MP Zainal Sapari reinforced the diversion of blame to the contractor telling Straits Times:

“We are still getting feedback from the residents on the lift breakdowns and working with the lift company to address these issues.”

Straits Times noted that the rectification works for door operating devices and overdue installation of lifts should have been addressed three days ago on Jan 31, as set by the HDB.

In Bukit Batok, a resident living in Block 296B complained a lift fault incident to his PAP MP, Murali Pillai. The PAP MP then passed the ball to the HDB, claiming that the newly-built lifts are still under a one-year defect liability period.

“I have contacted the resident and has asked the HDB to investigate, as the lifts are still within the one-year defects liability period (DLP). The HDB said it is investigating the case. I am concerned about what happened to the resident and am relieved he is not injured.”