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Amos Yee’s second attacker pleaded guilty in court yesterday (Feb 1) to using criminal force to unlawfully restrain Amos Yee. On 29 May 2015 at around 12 noon, national service soldier NSF Bryon Loke Thong Ler arm-locked Amos Yee during a dispute at a value-dollar shop in Jurong Point.

Bryon Loke was shopping at the value dollar shop with his girlfriend when Amos Yee misunderstood that the couple took a photo of him. Amos Yee confronted Bryon and asked him if he took a photo, and the latter responded no. However, Amos Yee then took out his phone pointing at Bryon Loke to take a video. Bryon Loke thought Amos Yee was taking a video of him and went after Amos Yee who has left the shop.

The 19-year-old NSF held Amos Yee by the hands to which Amos Yee struggled calling for help from the public. However, the crowd which gathered did not assist the teenager. Amos Yee managed to break free from his hold and escaped into a NTUC supermarket. Bryon Loke then called the police saying that Amos Yee took a video of him.

Bryon Loke then paid for his purchase at the value dollar shop and ran into the supermarket to find Amos Yee. The latter was caught and arm-locked by the soldier. Again, a crowd gathered and nobody stopped Bryon Loke. Some took a video of Amos Yee struggling but nobody offered to help. The assailant was only stopped when a police staff sergeant called him on his mobile to stop.

This is Amos Yee’s second attack after a 49-year-old slapped him outside the Singapore courts.

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Amos Yee is currently seeking asylum in the United States as the Singapore government intends to file more charges against him for “wounding religious feelings” over the YouTube videos he produced.