Photo from Ashley Soo

A mysterious doll made a creepy appearance sitting inside the tunnel, and was spotted by a commuter. SMRT’s spokesperson, Patrick Nathan, said that SMRT has recovered the doll and is now investigating the case.

According to 16-year-old Ashley Soo, she took a picture of the doll as soon as she saw it from the train carriage:

“As soon as I saw it, I spun all three of my friends to face the doll … and thank God I wasn’t just seeing things because my friends reacted instantaneously and took out their phones to take a few pictures too. It all happened so fast, and before we knew it, the train pulled out of Dhoby Ghaut station and we were on our way to Somerset, still in complete shock of what we saw.”

As Dhoby Ghaut interchange station has fully-fenced up doors, it is likely the prankster trespasser who left the doll inside the track entered the tunnel outside operation hours. The security breach could have been sinister had a terrorist left a bomb instead of a doll.