Photo from Singapore Police

Update: Singapore Police revealed that the assailant is former Mr Singapore World.

A 31-year-old man was sentenced to 3 months’ jail for a brutal assault on a taxi driver while he was drunk. At around 4.20am on 24 May 2015, Hu Hanxiong boarded the taxi of driver, Lee Yew Chye, 47 at the Esplanade. When they arrived at the destination in Jurong West, Hu Hanxiong refused to pay for the fare unless the taxi driver help him carry his friend up to his HDB apartment unit.

The driver then blocked the lift doors to stop the two drunk from leaving and Hu Hanxiong pushed him out of the lift. Hu Hanxiong then repetitively punched the driver in his face, held him in a neck-lock and threw him into a wall. The driver suffered a 15cm wound to the right side of his head and was bleeding profusely at the scene.

According to the court’s hearing, Hu Hanxiong’s lawyer said in mitigation that his client was in a bad mood because that night was the day of anniversary his brother-in-law died a year ago. However according to the court hearing, the two friends were out on a birthday celebration that night.