Photo from Straits Times

A 41-year-old Singaporean property agent was arrested and is now facing murder charges for the death of his 6-month-pregnant wife and 4-year-old daughter. The murder took place on Jan 20 between 8am and 11am but the case was uncovered only a week later on the first day of Chinese New Year (Jan 28), after neighbours alerted authorities of burning smell coming from the man’s 6th-storey unit in Woodlands Drive 52 Block 619.

It is understood that he had been living with the corpses for over a week.

According to media reports, 41-year-old Teo Ghim Heng was setting his 39-year-old wife’s body on fire in the bedroom when he was arrested. The police is still investigating the cause of deaths for the 2 deceased and the suspect is now remanded in Singapore General Hospital. The wife is Teo Ghim Heng’s second marriage, and that they married in 2009. She was due to give birth in May before she died.