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Numerous negative complaints have been posted on a local seafood restaurant for being seriously under-staffed.

According to the comments posted on House of Seafood’s Facebook page, the restaurant took more reservations than they could accommodate. Some patrons waited for over an hour and ended up walking away in anger despite having paid up to S$1,000 for a Chinese New Year reunion set.

Below is one of the complains from a patron:

“Came to this restaurant for reunion dinner last year and we enjoyed great food and good service so we came back again this year and ended up extremely disappointed for the following reasons:

1. Obviously tables were overcrowded and the service staff could not cope with the volume.

2. Table reservation was made in advance but was made to sit at a very uncomfortable location as they tried to squeeze 2 tables that was meant for 1.

3. Food took an hour to serve and then stopped. Could not believed it!

4. Heard that there was a total of 160 tables which the staff could not cope!

5. Shark fins was not shark fins! Totally could not see any fins.

6. Chopstick dropped and 1.5 hour later still no sight of the replacement chopstick.

7. Took 1/2 hour to place order for drinks but 1.5 hor later still no sight of water and my sil has to go and get the tea herself!!

8. Asked to see the manager or higher management but still no sight after 1/2 hour.

9. We feedback our displeasure and still the food was not served.

10. After having 3-4 dishes, it took 1 hour to serve the next dish.

As I typed, we are still waiting and the rest of the patrons are very frustrated and upset as well.

Staff overworked and patrons upset. I would say good luck to you next year as we will not be back again!”

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