Screenshot from Facebook video

Posting a video of the return of the 9 SAF Terrex vehicles today (Jan 30), Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen commented that he is proud Singaporeans “rallied” behind the government against China:

“<<Welcome home, Terrexes>> The SAF Terrexes have returned home in Singapore. They will be transported back to base camp to undergo detailed checks, which will take a few days. I am proud of how Singaporeans rallied together during this episode. Thank you for your support and encouragement.”

However, only a minority handful of Singaporeans actually expressed support. The majority are silenced over the incident as many feel that Singapore government had it coming for poking its nose onto the South China Sea. Another group even said that China should keep the vehicles to punish the arrogant authoritarian government.

The Defence Minister also appeared to have given up demanding for “clear and legal reasons” for the detention from China. The minister then said that he will not accept any return without explanations.

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Earlier this month, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen also said that China had infringed international laws by detaining the army vehicles. It is not known whether if the Defence Minister will now pursue legal actions against China.

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