Embarrassing photo of Lee Bee Wah and K Shanmugam from Facebook

PAP MP for Nee Soon, Lee Bee Wah, claimed credit for installing 50 designated smoking points in Nee Soon South. The “idea” by PAP MP Lee Bee Wah has materialised at 50 HDB blocks, that encourages smokers to smoke within the smoking points.

“This is a win-win situation for residents. Non-smokers have said the amount of secondary smoke had gone down, while smokers have cooperated. The amount of litter caused by smoking has also reduced significantly. There was positive feedback from grassroots leaders, so they decided to roll out more of them. At the busiest smoking point, around 200 cigarette butts could be collected in a day.”

Costing S$500,000 in total for the 50 smoking points, the PAP MP claimed that the cost was funded by 27 individuals and private companies. PAP MP Lee Bee Wah said that she would like her “idea” to be implemented island-wide, but did not go further explaining who is to pay for the S$10,000-each smoking point.

As it is however not against the law to not smoke in the smoking points, the “idea” sees limited success as smokers ditch it for convenience. Other unnamed PAP MPs interviewed by state media TodayOnline also said that residents find existing smoking regulation sufficient, and dismiss the need for designated smoking points.