Photo of Lee Hsien Loong and Benjamin Netanyahu from AFP

Singapore will be hosting the oppressor of Palestinians, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Feb 19. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will welcome the racist Israelis leader who is responsible for the persecution of Palestinian muslims and the pillage of Palestinian territories.

Currently, more than 11,000 demolition of Palestinian housing and infrastructures are in process right now as sanctioned by the Israelis government. The United Nations have passed a resolution condemning Israel’s occupation-invasion of Palestinian territories in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as illegal.

This is the first official visit by the Israelis Prime Minister to the Muslim-dominated archipelago and also to Singapore, it’s second closest military ally next to the United States.

The Israel Prime Minister will be in Singapore for two days before flying to Australia.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is currently under a corruption probe, and many have speculated that his political opponents are taking this opportunity to oust him out of his position while he is away from Israel.

It is understood that Muslims in Indonesia and Malaysia will likely conduct protests on the day of Netanyahu’s visit. Singapore’s diplomatic relations with Malaysia and Indonesia are likely to take a hit again, following Singapore’s tit-for-tat toll war with Malaysia earlier this month.