Photo of Jamie Chua from Pinterest

Singapore Courts issued a record 58 protection orders against online commentators – mostly anonymous users on Instagram – who criticised a rich Singaporean woman. Jamie Chua, a 43-year-old multi-millionaire was alleged to have sent a wreath to a former business partner, Sharon Tang, for the latter’s birthday. The photo of the wreath was uploaded on Instagram and most comments directed angrily at Jamie Chua.

In response, the rich woman applied for 67 protection orders against the online commentators who are known by their Instagram usernames, some who are anonymous, and the Singapore Courts approved 58 of them in April 2016. In Sep 2016, Jamie Chua withdrew six applications following private settlements. Earlier this month in Jan 2017, Jamie Chua withdrew her application against Sharon Tang and was ordered to pay S$7,500 in legal costs to her.

When interviewed by the Straits Times, Jamie Chua said:

“In the past year, all the posts have since been taken down, so there is no need to go to trial. It is not a case of who wins or loses. We just hope to move on.”