Photo from Jason Quah Today

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong continued his “rules-based” push telling ASEAN countries not to impose unilateral trade policies that gives advantage to their domestic market.

“In many countries, the mood is to go it alone, unilaterally push for their own interests, and doubt the value of mutual give and take in a rules-based international order. In this uncertain global environment, Asean is an important life raft for all of us.”

PM Lee Hsien Loong called for ASEAN countries to drop protectionist measures and open up trade through “regional cooperation” to improve their economy, as opposed to the “isolationist” practices promoted in Britain and United States.

At the launch of the ASEAN Tourism forum, the Singapore Prime Minister also highlighted tourism as ASEAN’s new bet and that suggested that ASEAN countries be promoted as a unified travel destination:

“There is huge potential for the region’s tourism market to grow, given the richness of its attractions and the growing appetite for travel among the fast-growing middle class in South-east Asia.”

The Singapore Prime Minister recently offended China telling them to give up their claims on the South China Sea, using the same excuse calling for a “rules-based” engagement.