Photo of SPH papers from Yahoo Singapore

According to international survey Edelman Trust Barometer, 54% of the Singaporeans surveyed deem the Singapore media untrustworthy. Of the 4 institutions – media, businesses, government and NGOs -, the media is the most distrusted.

However, the percentage of trust on the media is one of the highest in the world putting Singapore media alongside China, India and Indonesia media. The level of trust in media does not reflect credibility of the news as Singapore’s media rank as poorly as 154th in accuracy.

Singaporeans also expressed high trust in the ruling party government at 69% alongside China citizens for China and citizens of India, UAE and Indonesia in their governments.

Below are the survey findings related to Singapore:

1) 69% trust in the Singapore government, a 5% decline from 2016
2) 54% trust in the Singapore media, a 6% decline from 2016
3) 61% trust in Singapore’s non-government organisations, a 1% decline from 2016
4) 58% trust in Singapore businesses, a 2% decline from 2016
5) 36% trust in credibility of Singapore CEOs, a 14% decline from 2016
6) 30% believe Singapore’s system is failing
7) 43% are uncertain about Singapore’s system

You may view the survey result here.