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A China woman residing in a HDB flat in Hougang turned her unit into a convenience store selling duck blood, duck neck, rabbit meat, fruits, vegetables and other food import from China. The expose was revealed by Chinese papers, Shin Min Daily, who interviewed the anonymous woman after a reader’s tip-off.

The Chinese papers reporter posed as a customer and then revealed his identity. Days later after the authorities commenced investgation. The China woman approached the Chinese papers and claimed that the boxes of food items in her flat is for own consumption and her friends. The China woman also said that she suffers an unique illness which require “special” food products. She also claimed that her friends also purchased numerous China food import and delivered them to her house out of “convenience”.

However a check with the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), animal blood are not allowed in Singapore even for own consumption. The AVA has acted on the reporter’s report and is now investigating the China woman. Most than S$2,000 of goods were confiscated by the AVA according to the woman.