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The brother of the China woman who operated a convenience shop out from her Hougang HDB unit demanded that Singapore Chinese papers Shin Ming Daily to apologise publishing the report that exposed them to the authorities.

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Below is a video from Shin Ming Daily posting on their Facebook page confirming the China man’s demand and also a secret recording dismissing his claim:

Translation from States Times Review:

Reporter: Shin Ming Daily News recently received a tip-off from a reader, stating that a HDB unit in Hougang turned into a convenience store, and illegally selling duck blood product. In Singapore, import of animal blood product is illegal. A reporter posed as a customer at the unit and found many boxes selling not duck blood, duck necks, spicy rabbit meat, fruits and meat.

After the report was published, the woman owner contacted Shin Ming Daily to clarify the report. Regarding the selling of duck blood products, the woman claimed innocence saying:

“My friends placed their stuffs here, I don’t know whether if they are buying them for others.”

As for the boxes of fruits and vegetables, the woman said:

“We bought them together. We stay near many China nationals in the neighbourhood, they are all working in Singapore. I treat them like my siblings. I also hope that they get to eat cheap food.”

As for the report saying that the woman’s goods had been confiscated by the authorities several times, the brother of the woman demanded that the newspaper provide evidence that this has happened.

“The reporter who visited the shop need to provide the evidence that the confiscation has taken place. If not, we need the newspaper to apologise. You published the report so you will have to be responsible.”

However the brother’s claim is different from what the woman said on that day. (Secret recording):

“Woman: We are selling all these.
Reporter: Do you have other goods?
Woman: We have frozen rabbit meat. Spicy rabbit meat…
Woman: We import goods every three days.
Reporter: Oh good…
Woman: Inform me earlier what you need, you can add me on WeChat…
Woman: We are selling only on the internet…
Woman: Only we are importing, the government doesn’t allow…
Reporter: Why?
Woman: Because…these are meat.
Reporter: Aren’t you afraid?
Woman: Well we are dead if we are caught…everything will be confiscated.
Reporter: Never been caught before?
Woman: We were caught 2, 3 times already.
Reporter: No scared?
Woman: Each time S$1,000 S$2,000 only. Only S$2,000 what.”

The HDB responded to media queries and said that the authorities do not allow HDB unit to be used as a convenience store. The AVA also said they ban animal blood food import and have strict restrictions on meat imports, and that businesses can only import from an approved list of overseas suppliers. HDB and AVA is currently investigating this case.”