A video of the TransCab garage by a TransCab driver went viral.

Video from : 邱万达

Transcript from States Times Review:

“Jit bai jia lat liao lah. Le kwa TransCab de taxi kia si lang ah. Beh dou liao lah jit bai. Wah le kwa mua mua. Wah le kwa. Kia si lang yi eh taxi. Park ga mua mua. Bo seng li eh. Bo lang lai ya qia. Zao qia zuai, ya qia chuo. Jit bai pork liao ah jit bai. Le kwa, lao ten gou wu hor. Li lao san lao gou wu hor. Ming si jit tao nia hor. Orh, le ka ki kwa. Kia si lang eh. Wah tsk tsk tsk tsk, si bey gao lart eh jit bai. Le ka ki kwa lah. Eh si buay si. Wah qia se gou mai lou. Ah ya an zua hi hwa, gao eh zao qia park ga mua mua, kia si lang eh, gui qian jia.”

Translation from States Times Review:

“This time is really dead. Look at these TransCab taxis, the number is scary. The garage is fully parked, and nobody is driving. Drivers are leaving in droves and the company is definitely going bankrupt soon. This is only the ground level, level 2 and 3 are fully parked too. The company still doesn’t want to lower rental… Look at the empty vehicles, thousands of them.”