Singapore’s government mouthpiece state media Straits Times published an anti-China letter calling for Singapore to resist China’s pressure to terminate “Operation Starlight” in Taiwan. The military exercise codenamed “Operation Starlight” in Taiwan is China’s key reason behind the detention of 9 armoured vehicles, and China has sent representatives demanding the termination of the exercise.

Straits Times handpicked and republished the letter from Malaysia’s Chinese newspaper. The anti-China letter calls China a bully, accuse China of being unreasonable and even pressured Hong Kong to return the vehicles, pushing the China’s territory for greater autonomy and independence from China:

“If China is unhappy with Singapore and used Hong Kong to exercise detention rights, then China is being unreasonable for escalating a commercial issue into a political one. Since Hong Kong has remained silent, is the ball now in China’s court?

If China is using the Terrex incident to pressure Singapore into scrapping Exercise Starlight, that would be considered bullying and disregarding the existing realities that Singapore faces…

The international community is watching Hong Kong’s next move: Will it follow the law or allow a weakening of the regulatory system?”

You may read the offending letter published by Straits Times here.

154th-ranking propaganda mouthpiece Straits Times is under the direct control of the Singapore Ministry of Communications and Information, and no articles that are politically-sensitive do not get published without approval from the Singapore government. As no opinion article was published in support of China’s actions, the anti-China article is obviously Singapore government’s protest against China by using a proxy to express their direct response to China.