Photo from wikiwand

A Singapore airport security officer was sentenced to 8 months’ jail for stealing from passengers’ bags while he was screening them at Changi Airport.

On 24 July 2016 around 11.30pm, the Certis Cisco security officer from Malaysia, Esyaran Mogan, was deployed as a manual bag searcher and targeted a China woman who was returning to Beijing. During the bag screening, the X-ray machine found a pair of scissors in the woman’s bag. The Malaysian then searched her bag and took a gold chain – estimated worth around S$1,164 – and S$350 cash, slipping the items into his right pocket. The China woman realised her items were stolen only in a taxi in Beijing.

A week later, the Singapore airport security officer repeated the act and stole S$106 cash from another unidentified woman. A complaint was then lodged and Esyaran was worried about getting caught. In his panic, he threw the S$106 cash under the conveyor belt machine. The Malaysian was only arrested after video footage from the CCTV security system was reviewed.

The airport security officer was sentenced to 8 months’ jail for two counts of theft.

In December last month, Certis Cisco announced that they will be hiring more foreigners as security officers and will source new hires from Taiwan.